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The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery

The Beachcomber is an addiction treatment center that offers residential and outpatient services for alcohol and drug addiction. We have been serving the south Florida community for 40 years and have always been and will continue to be family owned and operated. Three generations of Bryan family members work with a dedicated staff of professionals to continue to offer rehabilitation services since our opening in 1976.


A minimum of 5 hours of treatment a day, for 28 days. Designed to stabilize a client providing a maximum amount of treatment in a short period of time under structured conditions.

Intensive Outpatient

A minimum of 10 hours of treatment a week including group and individual therapy. Designed for the client who is living at home or in sober housing and requires flexible scheduling options due to work or schooling.

Relapse Prevention

A specialty workshop designed for clients that have been stabilized. This workshop helps the client identify their specific relapse signs and way to avoid high risk situations.

Holistic Therapy

To address the subject of Holistic Approach in human health is to undertake a long journey into recorded history. Ancient wisdom often stressed the importance of "balance" in nature and the importance of body, mind, and spirit working in unison with existing environments.

Trauma Therapy

Many people afflicted with alcoholism or drug addiction have experienced major traumatic events in their past. These events often times prevent the individual from doing what is necessary to remain sober. Trauma Therapy aims to eliminate these negative emotional or behavioral influences triggered by remembered, repressed, or even forgotten traumatic events,

We have multiple South Florida Locations

The Beachcomber has three locations serving South Florida. Residential services are available in Ft Lauderdale and Delray Beach. Outpatient services are available in Ft Lauderdale and Boynton Beach. Continuation of care from residential stepped down to outpatient can be done seamlessly. We offer several facilities to keep the population of clients to a small and manageable level. All three have a cozy feel with easy access to the therapy and other staff at any time.

Ft Laud Home Page
Ft. Lauderdale

Our Ft Lauderdale location offers both residential and outpatient services at the same location. As your treatment program progresses from residential to outpatient, your treatment facility and therapy staff remain the same for continuity of care.
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Boynton Home Page
Boynton Beach

The Boynton Beach location serves all of Palm Beach County and is a 1/4 mile from I-95 for quick access to our facility. Therapy sessions are offered seven days a week for a flexible schedule with a typical program consisting of three group sessions a week.
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Delray Home Page
Delray Beach

The Delray Beach location offers residential treatment and a small setting of 16 clients. After completing their residential treatment, clients have the choice of transitioning to Boynton Beach or Ft Lauderdale for their outpatient program.
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